Internship Experience

4 min readMay 1, 2023



Internships are valuable opportunities that provide individuals with essential job experience that can prove to be highly beneficial for their future endeavours. In this blog, I would like to share my personal experience during my current internship as a data engineer at Renew. As a fourth-year student pursuing B.Tech in computer science engineering at Bennett University (Times of India group), I have had the privilege of working in this organization for almost a year. This journey has been highly constructive for me, and I would like to share it with you. However, before delving further into my experience, allow me to provide you with a brief overview of the firm.


Renew is one of the major renewable energy producers in India and throughout the world. It has a capacity of around 13.2 GW, which comprises solar, wind, and hydropower units. The firm generates about 1.4% of India’s total energy generation and offsets 0.5% of its annual carbon emissions. It was the world’s first renewable energy firm to be named a ‘LIGHTHOUSE’ by the World Economic Forum.


The beginning of the fourth year at college, commenced my internship at Renew, which began with a comprehensive two-day induction program that elucidated the company’s principles, ethos, regulations, and upcoming ventures. Following the informative session, I received a detailed introduction to the renewable power industry, learning about diverse subjects ranging from the intricacies of energy markets, including DAM, GDAM, and RTM, to critical topics such as government policies, energy biddings, and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

Once I gained a thorough understanding of the renewable power industry and its workings, I delved into learning the requisite tools that are vital to the company’s operations. Through rigorous practice and training, I became proficient in utilizing Azure services, including data bricks, ADLS (Azure Data Lake Storage), data factories, and logic apps. Additionally, I sharpened my skills in APACHE spark and advanced SQL, which proved invaluable in managing datasets and operational flows that entail data collection, processing, and implementation at scale. Before my actual project began, I had the opportunity to analyse EMS (energy markets), enabling me to gain valuable insights into the industry.


My first project involved the development of a real-time data pipeline to facilitate bids in various markets. To start with, I had to gain an in-depth understanding of the pipeline and its code to identify and resolve errors, if any. After comprehending the pipeline’s mechanics, I monitored it for several days, which proved to be an enriching experience. While the project concluded in mid-October, I am still tasked with monitoring the pipeline. Following this project, I was assigned another live project that lasted from November to March. My responsibilities entailed collecting data from websites, formatting it as per the use cases, and creating pipelines. The data was then utilized by data scientists to run their ML models. Currently, I am involved in implementing RPA (Robotic Process Automation) through Python, managing cluster utilization, web scraping, monitoring pipelines, code debugging, and auditing.


Despite the valuable insights and skills, I acquired during my internship, I encountered several challenges, primarily due to my lack of familiarity with the renewable energy sector and the sophisticated data pipeline tools employed by the company. Nevertheless, I persisted and discovered that confronting these obstacles provided me with an exceptional opportunity to learn and develop new proficiencies.

Overall, my internship has proven to be a fulfilling and stimulating experience, combining both enjoyment and challenges. In conclusion, I consider myself fortunate to have been placed in a company with a superb work environment and exceptional individuals.

Thank you