The importance of international collaboration for academia

5 min readJan 1, 2022

We all know the importance of academics in today’s life. Along with academics if a college or an institution offers international collaboration then imagine how amazing it would be. International collaboration helps in free exchange of ideas, enables researchers to access additional expertise in their fields along with gaining of new perspectives. These collaborations can have a positive effect on a student’s career. As they progress, such application-oriented education not only results in them adding substantial value to their work, but also helps them frow faster. Where some colleges are trying to get international collaborators, Bennett University(Times of India group) has already partnered with some of the best international institutions in the world and provides Immersion or summer projects for students which helps them in building their knowledge. Faculties from collaborated universities visit our faculties to give lectures and the curriculum is designed to adopt best global practices.

Brief on Bennett University:

Before starting this, let me brief you about Bennett University. Bennett University is a private university founded by the Times of India Group, located in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Having a 68-acre lush-green modern campus along with world class facilities such as mac labs, dell labs, supercomputer, humanoid, etc. It is one of the fastest growing institutions in India.

Global Partnerships:

Let’s look at the collaborators of Bennett University :-

  1. Georgia Institute of Technology, USA (Collaboration includes Faculty lecture, Georgia Tech Immersion programs (duration — 2 weeks) and summer internship program (duration — 6 weeks)
  2. The university of British Columbia, Canada (Collaboration includes Participation of Bennett students in UBC Summer Academic Program)
  3. Florida International University, USA (Due to collaboration Bennett university graduates get direct admission to MS Mechanical along with 40% scholarship even though you have not given GRE)
  4. University of Nebraska, Omaha (Collaboration includes Student Mobility, Educational Training programs, Research, and development projects along with faculty exchange programs)
  5. University of Essex, United Kingdom (Areas of collaboration include research, summer school program, Webinars/seminars, semester exchange opportunity, and student mentorships
  6. Kings University College, Canada (Collaboration includes faculty exchange for lectures, seminars, and workshops, student exchange, and joint organization of research projects and programs)
  7. University of Missouri, Kansas City (Collaboration includes Joint research and educational activities, faculty/staff/personal exchange for study and research, Joint lectures, conferences, and symposia along with exchange of academic and scientific information)

Types of International Collaboration:

  1. Exchange Programs: Undergraduate Exchange program, Graduate Exchange Programs, Faculty exchange programs
  2. Collaborative education programs: Mobility Program (3+1+1) leading to master’s degree, Credit transfer Program (2+1 for 3-year UG/ 2+2 for 4-year UG or similar)
  3. Student mobility programs: Visiting student programs, Semester Abroad Program, Summer School Program, Summer research experience, Certificate programs

International Conferences:

Time to time some international conferences tend to happen such as “International conference on globalization of professional legal education: Constitutional Conspectus” (in which our honorable Minister of Law and Justice Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad was invited as a chief guest), and “International conference on Media and Entertainment Law: Contemporary developments in the age of digitalization”.


Amongst the 4647 alumni of Bennett university 406 are living in United Kingdom, 210 in Brazil and 99 in United States of America and many more. Also, many alumni are getting offers from top 50 institutions of the world.

Sending students abroad:

Selective students are sent to academic partner campuses in abroad after their first year to increase their overall practical experience. The students who went there got a certificate for this program from the respective in which they were sent into. Students have seen an increased confidence after this experience. Now let me tell you some experiences of students who have been abroad.

Divyaansh Devarriya ,19, who was sent to Georgia Tech was really amazed by this experience. He said “We were eight from computer science and electronics department and were given the knowledge in various fields including potential research options” (acc to an article by economic times )

Vidhi Mansharamani and her fellow students were exposed to the program based on the principles of entrepreneurial thought and action, which prepares students to leverage the power of entrepreneurship . She said “The practical experience was the next level. I have got new perspective of business” (acc to an article by economic times )

Prem Jotwani went to Omaha and attended workshops ranging from American politics to cybersecurity design and creativity. (acc to an article by economic times )

There are many more examples like this..


In the end I would say that Bennett University is doing its best to give students international exposure by collaborating with topmost institutions so that they could gain more experience. Now its your turn to choose wisely.

Thank You